The beautiful birth of Bobby

The beautiful birth of Bobby

Sean and I welcomed our son to the world on Friday 2nd June at 10:12am at WJC birthing unit. Bobby weighed 8lbs and was born beautifully.

I cannot thank Babies in Waiting enough for the amazing course and the skills it taught me. I've attached a photo to show how in the zone I was.

I actually went into labour at 10pm on Thursday 1st June. I had a bloody show a few days before and early Thursday morning I suspected that my waters had broken.

Sean contacted WJC Thursday night as I felt surges every 5 minutes or so. The midwife told us to stay put until the surges were four every 10 minutes. We got to the birth unit at around 1am and I was the only woman there.

I went straight into an assessment room and they wanted to examine me because I wasn’t sure if my waters had broken. I agreed. Apparently I was in early labour but because no one else was there the midwife said I could go straight into the labour room instead of going home.
As soon as I walked into the labour room, I relaxed.
The assessment room had aggravated me by suggesting that I might have to transfer to Broomfield Hospital at 8 am (24 hours after my waters had broken.)

The labour room however was amazing. It was dimly lit with electric candles.
I had an en suite, a massive birthing pool and it was completely private. The midwife acknowledged my birthing plan and left us alone, She said she would outside if we needed her.
I had my playlist on and was really calm and relaxed. I listened to the Babies in Waiting relaxation audio three times on a loop. I also had it playing in the car on the way to the WJC which really helped me focus.

My Mum and Sean were amazed by me. I went completely into my own zone, I really switched off from everything that was happening around me. I was so in my own bubble that I actually think I fell asleep at one point, very briefly. I couldn't talk to anyone, I just pointed at things that I wanted such as water, music etc.

My Mum and Sean were sitting in silence most of the time. I spent the entire time on my feet swaying with each surge and leaning against the pool, bed, Sean or my Mum. The massage oil was great as my back was aching. I can't express how much the Babies in Waiting course and support helped me to gain the tools and right mindset to birth without fear. I truly did listen to my body and breathed with every surge. I wanted to get into the pool but the midwife wanted to examine me in to check that I was at least 5cm. I agreed because I just wanted to get in.
I was 7 cm which made me feel great. Getting in the pool was heavenly.
I was in it for about 2 hours. The Babies in Waiting analogy about labour being like a marathon is correct. I certainly hit a few walls. The midwife came in and asked Sean about transferring to Broomfield Hospital. He replied that we didn’t want to move. I knew that our son was on his way and that we were near the end. The midwife's shift ended at 8.30am and a new midwife came in who was simply fantastic. I hit a wall at this point and asked for an examination, I needed to know how much further I had to go. The new midwife examined me and said I was fully dilated which gave me the boost I needed. I was leaning against the bed and the midwife was laying on the floor under me. I ended up delivering Bobby on the bed on all fours. It was amazing. My Mum said his head came and he slipped right out. He was given to me straight away for skin to skin and once the cord stopped pulsating, mum cut the cord. I managed to deliver the placenta naturally too.

Thank you Babies in Waiting for opening my eyes to Hypnobirthing.
I'm so glad I went to WJC and that I did everything I wanted to do. I will carry my labour experience with me forever and look back on my birth with fond memories (not a lot of women can say that). Everything in the course made perfect sense and I really connected with it when I was in labour. Nothing mattered except my baby. I kept thinking of him slowly making his way nearer to me with each surge. At one stage when his head was out, I think there was panic in the room because they were struggling to pick up his heartbeat, but I was oblivious to what was going on. I just trusted my body. Sean whispered in my ear that he knew I didn't want to force a push but that I might have to in order to get Bobby out. I simply told him I needed to go with my body, which is what I did.

It was such an amazing experience.