The beautiful birth of Imogen - her Daddy’s perspective

The beautiful birth of Imogen - her Daddy’s perspective

Our Sunday back in July 2016 started like any other, carefree and chilled out. We went about our usual day of odd jobs around the house, I did some food shopping – Kimberly didn’t feel she wanted to come which was an early indicator of her labour being on its way. Instead she stayed at home and baked a labour cake, we even had a roast dinner right before things really got going!

We planned for a homebirth, my role in this was to ensure that the birthing pool we hired was set up and ready to use, I set the scene for our labour space using all five senses as prompts to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Most importantly I provided as much support to Kimberly as possible. I wanted to make sure she was as comfortable as she could be – we used the techniques we learnt in our course like massage and breathing, I offered her water regularly and gave her verbal encouragement throughout her progress. I also contacted our Doula who provided additional support to us both during our labour experience, and the midwives at the appropriate times throughout the evening when we felt that we needed their support and attendance.

Kimberly stayed calm at all times, and surprisingly so did I. At one point, myself and our Doula were unsure if the midwives would make it to the house before Imogen arrived, however this didn’t worry me, I knew that between myself, our Doula and Kimberly, Imogen would be brought into the world beautifully – this is what we had planned and prepared for after all!

Generally everything moved quite quickly. The midwives arrived with plenty of time, in fact we had three midwives attend our birth! They were very respectful of our hypnobirthing set up, keeping their distance and using hushed voices, they only did a couple of routine heart rate checks before Imogen arrived. Their support afterwards was also just what we needed, calm and respecting of our birth plan choices and golden time post birth.

Once Imogen was born and after I had cut the cord, I remember Kimberly handing her to me so that she could get out of the birthing pool. The feeling of love and pride literally engulfed my entire body whilst I sat holding her skin to skin in our living room. It is a feeling that I have never experienced before!

Kimberly’s aftercare was minimal so it wasn’t long before we were saying goodbye to all the additional support and starting our journey as a family – the three of us headed upstairs to bed for a well earned rest!

Kimberly’s labour could not have been more perfect for us, we both felt ready, prepared and confident. Hypnobirthing helped me prepare for what to expect. It taught me to trust in Kimberly’s body and to be confident in labour, it gave me the information I required to overcome any anxieties I had so that we could have a calm, natural and positive birth.

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