The beautiful birth of Finlay

The beautiful birth of Finlay

30.01.17 - our guess date. We had our final midwife appointment and talked about 'signs' that might mean our little boy would make an appearance soon. I'd spent the day cleaning the kitchen, packing my hospital bag (just in case) and finished preparing the nursery. We laughed about my emotional outburst when my Husband (Tom) 'threw' his drink all over the kitchen I had just cleaned ... although if you ask him or any other rational being he had only really spilt a small amount on the side.

We had built a rapport and bond with our community midwife and felt empowered when she endorsed hypnobirthing and was encouraging of our decision to have a home birth. On 30.01.17 our community midwife was on call and we hoped that she would be able to attend the birth.

That night, we went to bed around 10 pm. I had never been able to get to sleep easily in the later stages of pregnancy, but that night I knew something was different. By 2 am, Tom woke to find I had smuggled all the pillows I could find in the house and had piled them on our bed. I had made myself comfortable and was gently rocking back and forth. Tom knew what he needed to do and he began to make our room, my safe place; he lit the lavender candle, put on our labour playlist, set the lighting, made my den with duvets and had my affirmations, scan photos and confidence coloured ribbon at the ready. He then began timing my surges.

Realising that the surges were becoming more frequent, Tom made contact with the midwives, who asked him to call back in 1 hour. After two further calls and forgetting to mention that we were opting for a home birth, they requested that we made our way into the hospital. Tom forgetting had actually been a blessing, as it meant an additional few hours just us, as the midwives remarked they would have sent a midwife when he first called, had he let them know.

Another blessing, our community midwife was still on call (only for another 30 minutes or so) and we were so pleased to see a familiar face when she arrived around 7 am that morning. Our midwife was respectful of our wishes and followed our birth plan, only making the necessary observations of our little boys heartbeat. She requested that Tom let her know of any developments and she took herself out of our way, to enjoy this moment together.

Around 10 am things had started to progress and two more midwives arrived. Within just over an hour, our little boy arrived at 11:15 am, with no medical intervention or pain relief. Just a beautiful, natural birth. The immediate skin to skin is something I cannot put into words and being able to curl up in bed with both my boys around 20 minutes later was just pure perfection. Babies in Waiting gave us the confidence in ourselves to birth our little boy calmly and confidently at home.