The beautiful birth of Olivia

The beautiful birth of Olivia

I have told me birth story to quite a few people and some Mum's-to-be have said that it has inspired them! One of my friends even said that she thought of it when she was in labour and it kept her going to have the natural, home birth that she wanted. I wish there were more of these positive stories out there!

I remember when I first met my midwife and she asked me where I wanted to have my baby. I immediately replied 'at hospital'. I think this was conditioned into me as an expectation of the current world; I had never even considered a home birth until I did the Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing Course! I always knew that I wanted a natural birth, and after learning more about hypnobirthing I became more confident in my body's abilities to birth a baby. The idea of a home birth seemed like the right place for me to have my baby so I changed my birthing plan. However, my husband and I agreed that we would not tell anyone (even our parents) that we were planning to do this. We wanted to stop negative stories, comments and 'worries' from those around us.

I have always been active and regularly went to the gym before and during pregnancy, so the day I gave birth was no different to normal. I had a great sleep and went to a Body Pump class at the gym. The teacher asked when I was due, to which I said 'tomorrow'! She advised I should take it easy, which I did; I was always listening to my body and knew what I was capable of. In the afternoon I walked to the high street and bumped into my friend who I had a hot chocolate with. She said that the last two pregnant women she had seen had gone into labour within 24 hours. I remember laughing this off and calling her the 'labour fairy' (which she definitely is!). When I got home I cooked dinner, went into nesting mode by moving kitchen cupboards around and painted my nails!

My husband came home from work around 6pm and I was very excited as I had had a 'show'! I knew that labour was imminent. When we were eating dinner I said to my husband I had a backache so he gave me a hot water bottle to help with the ache. As this was not subsiding he suggested a bath. I got into a warm bath at 8pm and played my relaxing hypnobirthing music which I had religiously listened to every night of my pregnancy. Around 9pm my husband came up to check on me (as I had been up there a while and was very quiet!). I was on my knees in the bath and said 'I think I am in labour'. We timed the surges and they were 2 minutes apart and about 1 minute long. They had only just started to get strong so my husband rang the midwife to asked them to come ASAP!

My husband was setting up the birthing pool in between my surges when I needed him. The living room was dimly lit, my relaxing hypnobirthing music was playing, the diffuser was giving off a lavender scent and I felt calm. I was listening to my body as I used breathing and visualization techniques to get me through. I remember the transition phase very vividly and I kept telling myself that my body knows what it is doing. At 11.40pm the pool had about an inch of water in it, so my water birth did not go quite to plan, as our little baby girl arrived into the world. The birth was fully natural and one of the best experiences of my life. I remember holding her in my arms, full of awe and most of all, overwhelmed with love.

Without hypnobirthing I would never have achieved had the amazing birth which I did with my daughter Olivia. I felt empowered and confident of my body's abilities. It was a quick labour, but will forever be embedded in my memories.