The beautiful birth of Nate

The beautiful birth of Nate

Five years ago today, my second beautiful baby boy was born.

It started very slowly on a Saturday afternoon. I was several days past my guess date & teaching a lovely group Hypnobirthing. I wanted to carry on as normal and I thoroughly enjoy my job.
What better way to show other pregnant couples that even if you are 41 weeks pregnant, normality continues.

I had a few twinges during the class & gave my Mum a look that said, ‘I think you might need to take over’. We were team teaching classes at that time. However, my baby boy wanted me to finish the class and so I did without any other sign of labour.

After the class, I went home and put my feet up. I remember ‘Shakespeare in Love’ being on the TV & I curled up on the sofa and enjoyed some peace. (My other half Dave had taken my 3 year old son Zak out). Somehow I knew that it was going to be my labour day & so I just wanted time and space to prepare myself. I felt excited that I was going to experience labour again & finally get to hold my baby in my arms.

The birth pool was set up (not yet filled). My special scent was burning. I had my labour oil and motivational pictures at the ready.

I had some more twinges, I felt as if someone was lightly applying pressure to my bump. I noticed a regularity and text my husband to tell him about it. Half of me didn’t want to tell him however as I was enjoying some alone time, just me and my baby.

By 7pm, we put my 3 year old to bed as normal and settled down for the night. I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and just wanted to be in the bath. I remember playing my relaxation music (The Comfort Zone) in the bathroom and topping up the warm water with my big toe. My bump was peeking over the water and still the tightenings continued. I felt very calm and relaxed. I started to breathe through the sensations as I knew they were becoming closer together and stronger.
By the early hours of the morning, my Mum had arrived and by 5 am my sister came to get Zak.

I remember slowly stepping into the birth pool that was in the lounge and catching a glimpse of Zak walking down the stairs to leave.

The birth pool was amazing. It was lovely to feel weightless. I did however feel quite small in a large expanse of water and I wanted someone close to me. I asked my husband and he agreed to get in!

My comfortable position was leaning back with hubby behind me. I remember seeing a blurry image of the student midwife looking down at me (I didn’t have my glasses on!)

I felt pressure and decided to stretch myself back against my husband. Our baby came swimming into the world and I asked my Mum to receive him. She guided him through the water and on to my chest. Dave got a birds-eye view of him over my shoulder at the same time as I did.

I remember demanding my glasses so that I could see our baby clearly. Feeling his slippery skin in my hands and the warmth of his body was magical.

This was my most ‘romantic’ birth. It was slow, brewed gently and I was able to enjoy it. I loved listening to my music, being massaged with the smell of clary sage and geranium in the air. It felt indulgent. I remember being really motivated to have a calm, confident birth because the student midwife that was there had also watched me teaching the four week Hypnobirthing course! I trusted my body and my baby but I also wanted to practice what I preach!

We named our boy, Nathaniel Isaac Mills. He was 9.14lbs and born on the 3/2/13 at midday.
Happy fifth birthday today gorgeous Nate.