Meet Lucy BIW Chelmsford

Meet Lucy BIW Chelmsford

I have spent 20 years working in Purchasing. I started as a buying assistant for a retailer and have progressed through being a buyer for an electronics company to my current part time role as a Procurement Manager for a local Social Housing Provider.

I am fortunate to be a mum to 2 highly spirited loving girls. Emily who is 6 ½ and Amy who is 2 1/2 .

I first came across Babies in Waiting in 2010 when I was expecting Emily. The course they taught then was Marie Mongan. I thoroughly enjoyed every session with Jo. The friendly, supportive environment made me feel comfortable to talk about all of the fears about birth I had stored away in my mind.

Following the course, Emily entered the world in January 2011 in a calm and relaxed manner.

I then attended the baby massage classes with BIW which came with so much postnatal support. It really helped with my transition into motherhood.

I also enjoyed the monthly coffee mornings (up until Emily was 2!) – again the support from Jo and (BIW) Emily was invaluable.

In 2014 when I found out I was expecting again, I knew I would be back in touch with BIW as there was no other antenatal course that I would even consider taking.

I had a refresher with Jo and also enrolled her as my Doula – the best decision I ever made!

Amy arrived in December 2014 with Jo by my side. A wonderful, calm, natural birth.

“Why doesn’t everyone know about the wonders of Hypnobirthing and in particular BIW?” Was a regular thought in my mind.

And then, a wonderful opportunity arose to actually be a part of the amazing BIW team. I simply couldn’t turn it down. Fate played a huge part in the opportunity following the sad loss of my mum. For once, I was going to do something for me and know that she would be looking down on me with a smile on her face.

It also meant I could make a real difference to people. I could finally start to work on ensuring all expectant couples (well those in Chelmsford!) could know about the wonders of Hypnobirthing and experience the joy of taking BIW classes. Which by now had completely evolved. It was now a bespoke course written by the very talented Emily Bull; taking all the best elements of existing methods and enhancing them from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching the BIW course from my purpose built relaxation room at the bottom of my garden. After just the first session I can see the revelation in people’s faces that birth doesn’t have to be painful; that you can look forward to your labour and meeting your baby.

Couples leave feeling empowered to have the birth they want.

The personal rewards for me are huge. The joy I feel when receiving a positive birth story from a client; knowing I have had such a profound influence on one of their most important life experiences.

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