'You have got your hands full...'

'You have got your hands full...'

‘You have got your hands full…’

If I had a pound for every time I heard this phrase I would be exceptionally rich, particularly during the school holidays! Yes I have a larger family with 4 children who are fairly close in age, 7, 4, 3 and 4 months but seriously does it warrant the number of comments I receive about full hands…surely not!

I wonder whether it’s because the eldest three are all boys and so are noticeably more boisterous when in public places and so therefore draw more attention. It strikes me that the tone and look accompanying this well-known phrase is one of pity or an attempt at humour. It usually comes with a snigger or a smile. I’m pretty sure it’s small talk or a well meaning comment but it’s said so often to me now I’ve started to come up with replies in my head that I would never dare say out loud.

Such responses are…’yes I have so do me a favour and open the door’
‘Yep, full of love thanks very much.’
‘Would you like to babysit?’
‘Yeah, yeah we haven’t got a TV at home’

It seems to be the older generation who feel brave enough to state, ‘You have got your hands full…’. Mummy peers seem to know better than to say it out loud. ;)

Is there anything that strangers repeatedly say to you about your pregnancy/baby/children? What are your best ‘internal’ comebacks? We would love to hear them, info@babiesinwaiting.co.uk