Feedback from a student midwife...

Feedback from a student midwife...

I have been truly blessed to have student midwives present during my antenatal care and present at my births. This is probably due to the experience and wisdom that they can gain from working with my amazing midwife. The last student midwife who came to nearly all of my antenatal appointments for Alice and was there at my home birth was Wendy. Wendy went above and beyond to touch base with me regularly and find out how I was. She also sat in on our Hypnobirthing course to gain extra insight into the Babies in Waiting philosophy and techniques. I think anyone who is present during your labour will always hold a special place in your heart and Wendy certainly has. Those labouring in the future that will be supported by Wendy are very lucky. For her midwifery is clearly a passion and she genuinely cares about gaining a rapport with those she is working with. I'm always intrigued after I labour about what the experience was like from the midwives point of view. When I come out of my post birth haze and have snuggled back into bed with my newborn, I can't help but wonder what everyone else thought about it and want to debrief. We received some lovely feedback from Wendy and wanted to share...

'I feel so very fortunate to have been able to meet both you and Jo, and your lovely family. The whole experience was so eye opening for me and you helped me to witness and understand another side to pregnancy and birth. The strength you have and your passion towards normality of birth was very inspirational and that radiated to all the women, partners and my self during the hypnobirthing sessions I attended. Again these sessions were run so well and you really inspired me and the couples who attended, that birth should be embraced and women should feel empowered in their bodies and mind.

During my training as a student midwife, I have always been amazed by the strength that women have, however I do see a lot of the medicalised side of birth, so to be a part of your journey was really refreshing. I feel it came at a great time in my training as I will soon be qualifying and feel your experience will help me to become a better midwife in that I feel more confident in providing care more holistically and feel more confident in supporting women who choose to have a hypnobirth. The calm environment in which you birthed Alice was amazing and you radiated the strength and belief that you had in your body in being able to labour and give birth. If I can take one thing in particular from my experience is to try and promote the same self-belief and strength you displayed and try and empower women at a time when they can be very afraid. It was always a pleasure to attend your antenatal appointments and I do feel the bond you build throughout pregnancy, not just from maternal point of view, but also from a health professional's view, is a unique relationship. You can gain a sense of what a woman wants in terms of support, but also get to know what a woman believes she is a capable of and help to build on that.

I wish Babies in Waiting all the best in the future and have no doubt that you will continue to support and encourage women and families for many years to come.

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your care and your journey and helping me to see birth from another angle.


It was wonderful reading this feedback and it boosts our motivation to keep spreading positive birthing vibes. :)