Katie - Witham

At Babies in Waiting we regard completing a Hypnobirthing course as the most valuable preparation a mother and her partner can undertake while awaiting the birth of their child.
I believe Hypnobirthing can completely change the way we perceive birth. It lets you discover the joy and magic of birth with the use of relaxation techniques including visualisation, breathing and positive thinking to help you to release the fears and any anxieties that some mothers may have during pregnancy.

‘Your body is perfectly designed to birth a baby’

It nurtures and empowers both mother and father during the most unique and special time of their lives.
The course is a full antenatal course during which you and your partner will gain an understanding of the natural birthing process and how the muscles work in perfect harmony as they were designed to do, when your body is sufficiently relaxed.

‘Trust your body and your baby’

You will learn how to achieve this level of relaxation, free of the resistance that fear creates by using simple life tools to be able to experience a birth in a calm, serene and controlled atmosphere without the need of pain relief, to achieve a comfortable birth for you and your baby, giving them the most gentle, loving start in life.

Our course values the contribution of the birth partner, giving them specific roles to play and enables couples to make informed and confident decisions together throughout labour in whatever direction it may take.

All mothers can benefit from attending Pregnancy Relaxation classes at any stage of pregnancy and is suitable no matter how you choose to birth. You will learn the basic techniques of relaxation and gives you an opportunity to take some time out of your busy week, to enjoy being pregnant and connect with your baby. It’s also a great way to meet new friends.

As a practitioner I take great pleasure in supporting parents during their pregnancy journey and into motherhood, providing ongoing advice for parents and arranging social meetup groups.

Babies in Waiting Witham, pregnancy relaxation and hypnobirthing classes are taught in a relaxed environment in small groups to allow a personal feel. Private sessions are also available in the comfort of your own home. I cover Witham, Kelvedon, Tiptree and surrounding villages of CM77, CM8 and CO5 postcodes.
I am delighted to be part of the Babies in Waiting Team and can’t wait to share this unique journey with you.

If you have any questions or queries please email me on katie@babiesinwaiting.co.uk or call 01621 928616, 07972695336.