Angie - Rayleigh

I have never liked hospitals – who does? When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2014, I was sure that I didn't want her to born in one. It didn't make sense to me to go to hospital to have my baby – I wasn't ill. Giving birth is what our bodies are designed to do! I wanted this special time in our lives to start in the comfort of our own home. I set out to try and convince my husband that a home birth was the best way forward and that's when I discovered Babies In Waiting. After completing one of their antenatal courses, my beautiful daughter was born at home with not so much as a paracetamol. I remember lying in my bed that night thinking it strange that everyone seemed to have such horror stories to share about their birth yet I had enjoyed a fantastic experience. I felt so lucky. But at the same time I felt sad for all of the women who hadn't had the same experience as me. I had been so empowered by Babies In Waiting – it had completely changed my perspective on things and made me realise how powerful the mind could be. I wanted everyone to know about what I had learnt. I subsequently gave up my career as a senior school maths teacher in order to be part of the Babies In Waiting team. I've since had another home birth with my son and feel even more enthusiastic to share my experiences.

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