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Suffering with Hayfever whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

Pregnant or breastfeeding? Don’t suffer in silence this summer with your Hayfever!

Does sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes sound familiar? Does the thought of lighter evenings and sunnier days fill you with dread?

The onset of spring can bring such positivity but also the dreaded Hayfever season!
Pregnancy and Hayfever can be daunting. Your normal over the counter drugs, nasal spray, antihistamines are no longer your friend as you are advised not to take them during Pregnancy.

NEW 'Nurturing Newborn Workshop'

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be holding our first 'Nurturing Newborn Workshop', 4th Oct 2pm-5pm at Willow Cottage, Billericay.
The course costs £30 per person.

We have been teaching Hypnobirthing for a number of years now & have always wanted to extend the course further & empower parents with confidence for those early parenting days.

Our workshop will cover feeding, changing, bathing, dressing, holding newborn & much much more.
We want to prepare parents with what to expect after birth & during those first few days.

Wow - huge success: The first Billericay Pregnancy Info Event!

The Ivory Rooms in Billericay was wall to wall with beautiful bumps last Thursday evening for our first ever Billericay Pregnancy Information Event. We raised £150 during the 2 hour event for the charity Bliss!

The evening exceeded expectations and was attended by 90 pregnant women. The atmosphere was electric as people came from all over the Essex area to receive knowledge about local services and charities.

Beautiful birth report of baby Dominic

It's so exciting to hear news of a birth & this week we received an amazing email from one of our lovely Hypno Dads.

"Dominic arrived at 10.14 last night. He wasn't just born beautifully. It was amazing.

If his birth was filmed it would be shown forever in Hypnobirthing classes. It was perfect. We cannot thank you enough for turning around the way we thought about birthing."

Learning HypnoBirthing in a Home from Home environment

A core premise of HypnoBirthing is for the mind to be relaxed so that the body can relaxed and do what it is designed to do, birth smoothly and naturally.

Babies in Waiting begin conditioning the subconscious towards relaxation from the moment that you enter the front door for our courses. We want couples to associate Willow Cottage with relaxation. We want them to feel comfortable and at ease. Not only will this aid the learning process but it means that couples can feel comfortable to ask questions freely and interact. We want them to feel truly at home.

Hypnobirthing techniques are tools for life!

We met some wonderful couples this morning, session 1 of the Saturday group.
As part of the discussion, we were considering how Hypnobirthing techniques could be applied to other areas of life.

It is rare, but sometimes couples are informed that they have to have a planned C Section due to genuine special circumstances. They then often wonder whether Hypnobirthing has a place for them.

Hands off the bump ;)

I'm not a particularly touchy feely kind of person as it is. Therefore, when people go to have a feel of my bump I do instinctively feel a little uncomfortable. Ordinarily, if someone was to go to touch my stomach (pre pregnancy) then I would be shocked and so it surprises me that people would want to do it when I'm pregnant!

Yes, I know it's because it's the baby they want to touch but the baby is inside my body!!! How can that be forgotten? Funny how some people ask permission while already reaching out towards you.


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