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'You have got your hands full...'

‘You have got your hands full…’

If I had a pound for every time I heard this phrase I would be exceptionally rich, particularly during the school holidays! Yes I have a larger family with 4 children who are fairly close in age, 7, 4, 3 and 4 months but seriously does it warrant the number of comments I receive about full hands…surely not!

Feedback from a student midwife...

I have been truly blessed to have student midwives present during my antenatal care and present at my births. This is probably due to the experience and wisdom that they can gain from working with my amazing midwife. The last student midwife who came to nearly all of my antenatal appointments for Alice and was there at my home birth was Wendy. Wendy went above and beyond to touch base with me regularly and find out how I was. She also sat in on our Hypnobirthing course to gain extra insight into the Babies in Waiting philosophy and techniques.

4 babies later...

4 babies later…
I’ve been thinking recently how nice it is to be a more experienced Mummy and to really enjoy having a newborn without any fear or anxiety about the unknown. I am thoroughly relishing every single minute of having my daughter Alice who is now 11 weeks old.

How do you like your coffee? There are options, choose wisely!

Over the years Babies in Waiting has seen a huge rise in the number of people becoming aware of Hypnobirthing. 10 years ago it was a predominantly American course and people in Essex thought you were a mad hippy to be teaching it whereas today the NHS are attempting to add their version of it to maternity care. ‘Hurrah’ you might think but let's consider this further…

Prepare for your postnatal babymoon

The first 48 hours for me post birth is a bit like settling into a foreign holiday destination. You have looked forward to it for such a long time. You have visualised it, planned it, packed a bag for it and now you are finally there! You feel a bit woozy from the travel and a bit disorientated. The excitement and relief at reaching your destination is amazing but you still haven’t quite got your bearings. Like when you arrive at your holiday hotel abroad, you need to explore and suss things out.

In the window of time...

‘How long have you got to go?’ This is a question that I am being asked several times a day at the moment. Also, ‘You’re still here then!’ Sometimes the same people ask me the same question the very next day would you believe. I find it quite amusing and realise that it just a part of daily small talk. I have a sizable bump and so it seems the natural question to ask. As this is my fourth baby, I am quite used to the constant looks of concern that I receive and the ‘are you feeling tired?’ suggestive questions.

Exploring Hypnobirthing

One thing that people have found quite interesting about my pregnancy is that I’m not scared of giving birth. It’s never scared me and I’m pleased that it has always been that way. I’ve watched One Born Every Minute in utter wonderment (compared to some of my friends who cannot physically look at the screen!) and the process of giving birth has filled me with more excitement rather than fear.

The beautiful birth of Ayla

The main reason (among others) for me accomplishing my training and becoming a Babies in Waiting practitioner is the birth of our third child, Ayla.

I am not bohemian or at all hippy. I have never had hypnotherapy to give up smoking or to over come a phobia. I wasn’t absolutely sure that the whole “hypnobirthing’ idea wasn’t just ‘a bit too good to be true’ in the beginning. I did have an open mind and desperation to have the power to change how I gave birth to my baby this time around.

Let the count down begin!

Baby number four is cooking away nicely and we have reached one of my favourite milestones...30 weeks! This is the point for me where the excitement really starts to build and full on nesting takes over. Baby is now the size of a cabbage! Movements are visible from the outside and my 3 year old frequently asks 'why are you so fat Mummy?' and 'what was your tummy like before a baby got into it?' haha!


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