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The beautiful birth of Kai

My name is Annaliese and I am a mother to two beautiful children. My Hypnobirthing journey began in 2013 when pregnant with my first child. I attended pregnancy relaxation with Emily and Jo and although it helped me a lot I didn’t have the necessary knowledge or tools to naturally birth with confidence. My daughter is an amazing 4-year-old but the memory of her birth is not a positive one!

The beautiful birth of India

My labour started on Remembrance Sunday at 7am. I had woken up and felt that my waters had probably broken. My first birth has started in exactly the same way. I was planning a home birth and so as my waters seemed clear we just went about the morning as normally as possible. My son was 3 at the time so we played and I rested just trying to relax into each surge that I could feel. By lunchtime my surges were requiring some focus and concentration so at this point my son went to his nanny’s so that I could start to use my Hypnobirthing breathing and visualisation techniques.

The beautiful birth of Sadie

My birth with my biggest little one was amazing...I stumbled across 'hypnobirthing' at 35 weeks pregnant, realised how it made sense, got on board (quickly!) and practiced all the techniques with my hubby and we had a beautiful birth. I felt euphoric that we had done it! And then....I was told by lots of people that our birth was a fluke. "You were just lucky you had a good birth"! I knew deep down that it wasn't down to luck; it was understanding what my body was doing and realising that fear could affect something that was normal, natural and healthy for my body to do.

The beautiful birth of Nate

Five years ago today, my second beautiful baby boy was born.

It started very slowly on a Saturday afternoon. I was several days past my guess date & teaching a lovely group Hypnobirthing. I wanted to carry on as normal and I thoroughly enjoy my job.
What better way to show other pregnant couples that even if you are 41 weeks pregnant, normality continues.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

What does date night mean to you? Is it a grabbed couple of moments because the children are asleep? Is it a cuddle, kiss and a cup of tea from the person you love? Is it an indulgent bath, candles, good food and a glass of wine? The connection between man and woman during all of these intimate moments is beautiful.
A rainy, damp day could be perceived as a gloomy day. However, the smell and sound of the rain with its ability to enrich nature is in fact beautiful.

Babies in Waiting Event

Babies in Waiting are thrilled to announce that they will be hosting another Pregnancy Information Event...this time in Chelmsford!

Are you expecting a baby? If so, why not pop in to Chelmers Village Hall from 1pm til 3pm on Sunday 19th November. Entrance is free and the first 50 guests will receive a fab FREE goody bag. There are plenty of pregnancy and baby related businesses to meet and talk to. Also, free information talks to listen to.

It's the perfect opportunity to find out more about the supportive services that are available for you during your pregnancy.

Meet Kristie BIW Maldon

Before having children, I worked in Recruitment, starting off as an administrator and then becoming a Recruitment Consultant. I always enjoyed meeting lots of different people and the challenge of matching the right jobs to the right people.

I have three beautiful children. Unfortunately we did not find hypnobirthing until having our third child, which is where my passion for hypnobirthing began.

Meet Lucy BIW Chelmsford

I have spent 20 years working in Purchasing. I started as a buying assistant for a retailer and have progressed through being a buyer for an electronics company to my current part time role as a Procurement Manager for a local Social Housing Provider.

I am fortunate to be a mum to 2 highly spirited loving girls. Emily who is 6 ½ and Amy who is 2 1/2 .


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