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The beautiful birth of Ayla

The main reason (among others) for me accomplishing my training and becoming a Babies in Waiting practitioner is the birth of our third child, Ayla.

I am not bohemian or at all hippy. I have never had hypnotherapy to give up smoking or to over come a phobia. I wasn’t absolutely sure that the whole “hypnobirthing’ idea wasn’t just ‘a bit too good to be true’ in the beginning. I did have an open mind and desperation to have the power to change how I gave birth to my baby this time around.

Let the count down begin!

Baby number four is cooking away nicely and we have reached one of my favourite milestones...30 weeks! This is the point for me where the excitement really starts to build and full on nesting takes over. Baby is now the size of a cabbage! Movements are visible from the outside and my 3 year old frequently asks 'why are you so fat Mummy?' and 'what was your tummy like before a baby got into it?' haha!

Giving birth to your little pumpkin should be the biggest TREAT of your life….

Some people view labour as a cruel trick of nature and as something that women ‘have to get through’ in order to have a baby. If there is anyone reading this that actually feels this way then we need to meet!
I firmly believe it is the most amazing treat a woman ever experiences.

When you think of having a treat, what comes to mind? Eating a chocolate bar, having a posh meal, being bought a bunch of flowers or date night with the other half?

Hypnobirthing...a Daddy's perspective!

Going through the journey of childbirth is a daunting path into the unknown. For many people, this path starts you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Many women enter with feelings of anxiety, and watching the majority of documentaries broadcast on television, who can blame them?
I too was led to believe that the birthing process is often an arduous and painful test for anyone to endure.

But I don't have a fear of bearing a child and the enduring task of nurturing a baby from initial conception... and nor will I.
Because I'm a man.

Mummy Matters Too!

Motherhood, wow what an emotional rollercoaster and challenge it can be! Some days you feel at your wits end, exhausted and a bit of a wreck and at other points you feel like superwoman! I’m finding that that specific range of emotions can actually occur quite often and all before 9 am!

Hypnobirthing v hypnosis for birth!

Hypnobirthing v hypnosis for birth

Hypnobirthing originates from a very particular philosophy. The female body is designed to give birth and the vast majority of women can give birth naturally, smoothly and easily. Only a small minority of women would fall under the category of a ‘special circumstance’ where more medical support or intervention would be required.


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