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Babies in Waiting is simply the best!

Back in 2012 my sister told me she wanted to do hypnobirthing in preparation for the birth of my beautiful niece Ivy. She attended a private course with Jo from Babies in Waiting in Billericay and absolutely loved it.

‘Having a baby at home?!...that’s too risky!!’ I said. ‘No drugs...not even gas and air? You must be mad!! Have you not watched ‘One born every minute?!’ I said.

Well, when Ivy did finally arrive my sister absolutely bossed it, and I remember thinking...if there is a way to bring a baby in to the world, that is it!

11 tests and counting

I’m pregnant...!

I think anyway ... let me just do my 11th test, just to be sure!

After getting married and enjoying a magical honeymoon, children were the next and most important step my husband and I wanted to take. It was something that we had spoken about for years as if it were a distant milestone that would never actually come around. A little like when you are young you think,

The beautiful birth of Charlotte

On 22nd February my husband delivered or should I say 'caught' our gorgeous little Charlotte at home. I was 41+3. She weighed 7lb 9oz.

After a 10 hour painful birth with my first child I decided to try hypnobirthing. My husband and I completed a Babies in Waiting antenatal course with Karen in Hockley and it wasn't until this course that I even considered a home birth but after everything I learnt I understood why home was the best place.

The beautiful birth of Bobby

Sean and I welcomed our son to the world on Friday 2nd June at 10:12am at WJC birthing unit. Bobby weighed 8lbs and was born beautifully.

I cannot thank Babies in Waiting enough for the amazing course and the skills it taught me. I've attached a photo to show how in the zone I was.

I actually went into labour at 10pm on Thursday 1st June. I had a bloody show a few days before and early Thursday morning I suspected that my waters had broken.

The beautiful birth of Imogen - her Daddy’s perspective

Our Sunday back in July 2016 started like any other, carefree and chilled out. We went about our usual day of odd jobs around the house, I did some food shopping – Kimberly didn’t feel she wanted to come which was an early indicator of her labour being on its way. Instead she stayed at home and baked a labour cake, we even had a roast dinner right before things really got going!

The beautiful birth of Harvey

This was my third baby, my first had been a calm experience in the Portland. I had a mobile epidural which I refused my second dose of as I didn’t enjoy the feeling of the medicine, I felt itchy and spaced out. The nurse encouraged me to have half my dose and I agreed, I was 25 at the time. I had a boy 7lbs 3oz I felt no tummy contractions but all of the down below area. I was stitched with no pain relief as my doctor forgot!


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